Each product is formulated as to fulfil the specific needs of dogs and cats; the products have common ingredients but in different amounts and specific ingredients for each of them as well.

It is recommended each product to be used to the species it is designed for as each product is balanced as to meet the specific needs of dogs and cats.

Yes, Criticare won’t interfere on any kind of medication, in fact it can be used as pre-anaesthetic nutrition helping the patient body providing an electrolytes and fluids balance.

No, the dosage recommended for Gut Nutritional Support supplies only the nutrients required for nourishment of enteral cells.

Yes, Criticare range provides the necessary fluid and nutrients that will helps a rapid recover after the surgical intervation. In special for surgeries that envolves the GI tract, like bloat and bowel syndrome.

Criticare range is more likely not to provide any allergic reactions, once it has a very low weight amino acids on it compositions.

Yes, CRITIcare K9 / CRITIcare Kat recover and replenish from the beginning, restoring GI Integrity for recovery while CRITI Stop comes to protect the GI mucosa, binding the pathogens, reducing the inflammatory response, stimulating the immunity.

The administration of CRITI Stop along with antibiotics, probiotics or coccidiostatics is not recommended.